Feature Friday!

By Rekha McNutt

Our Feature Friday post is meant to highlight one of our recent successes!

My success for the week involved finalizing an economic immigration application for a family from Mexico. My client was employed as a teacher in Calgary for a number of years, having arrived as a temporary foreign worker with her husband. While in Canada they had one son, who is a Canadian citizen by birth.

This particular client had attempted to apply for permanent residence on her own more than once but her application was refused on each occasion. One refusal was based on her having declared she had “arranged employment”, when in fact her job offer did not qualify as such. Declaring her Canadian work experience was also complicated because it was interrupted by a maternity leave, periods of casual work and summer breaks.

Having consulted with my client, I was able to properly assess the points she should be getting under Express Entry, given the complications mentioned above. Her English language skills, Canadian work experience as well as her post-secondary education all helped her score sufficiently high to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

We answered questions about her work history and personal history differently to account for the breaks in her work experience such that she did not benefit from too many points that she was unable to prove on the eAPR application.

The other complication which arose was the expiration of her work permit. She could not apply for a bridging open work permit because her work permit expired before she could submit another profile. Rather than remain in Canada as visitors, the family decided to return to Mexico to spend time with the family there and in the U.S.

I was very happy to see them return to Canada as permanent residents!

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