Legal Fees and Refunds

Unless otherwise specifically agreed, the legal fees charged by the Firm are based on the factors of reasonableness specified in the Alberta Rules of Court and the Code of Professional Conduct.  The factors set forth in the Rules and the Code include the time and effort expended, the difficulty or complexity of the problem presented, the skill required to perform the services properly, the time constraints imposed by the Client or the nature of the matter, the monetary value and results obtained for the Client, and the experience and ability of the lawyer(s) performing the service.

The Firm has established hourly billing rates for each lawyer, and for certain paralegals, which are subject to increases from time to time.  The fee billed to the Client will be calculated on the basis of these rates, the time expended and the value of the work performed.  The fee may be adjusted on an interim and/or final basis to take into account the various factors constituting reasonableness.

Although a particular lawyer is assigned to each file, the Client retains the services of the Firm as a whole.  Firm personnel, including lawyers other than the assigned lawyer, may work on a file from time to time.  Where other lawyers or paralegals work on your file, our accounts to you will include fees relating to the services of the additional lawyers or paralegals.

Refunds are handled on a case by case basis as decided between the lawyer and the client.

Financial Retainers

The Firm generally requires an initial retainer as a deposit against the commitment of time and expenses to be incurred on the file.  The Firm bills legal fees, disbursements, and other charges by way of accounts on an interim basisi, usually monthly.  All accounts are due when rendered.  In default of payment of any of our accounts, we reserve the right to withdraw as counsel.  The initial retainer is deposited and held in our trust account, and will only be applied towards payment of a final account when the legal matter or our involvement in it is concluded.  Any unused portion of the initial retainer will be refunded to you.

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