Behind every legal transaction, there is a team of dedicated support staff.  Caron & Partners employs professional Legal Assistants, Paralegals, Administrative, Accounting, and IT staff, to ensure that the foundation your case is built on is solid.


Peter Wong - Managing Partner
Timothy Platnich - Managing Partner
Claudia Fleischer - Office Manager
Michael Harvey - Systems Administrator

Legal Assistants

Dajla Badar - Assistant to Peter Wong
Kim Barton - Assistant to Art Wenngatz, Amanpreet Grewal, and Robert Woodward
Rosanna Delgado - Assistant to Jean Munn
Amara Depalme - Assistant to Rick Gilborn and Jennifer Sykes
Janice Giffen - Accounting Assistant
Stella Gong - Assistant to Dan Gilborn and Lucinda Wong
Jenna Hogan - Assistant to Joshua Switzer
Jyoti Lal - Assistant to Jean Munn and Lucinda Wong
Hanna Le - Assistant to Joshua Switzer and Tami Fric
Nam Lee - Assistant to Peter Wong
Shannon Navarrete - Assistant to Tami Fric
Ping Peng - Assistant to Jarold Switzer
Virginia Ruiz - Assistant to Jean Munn
Jordann Sorokowsky - Assistant to Rekha McNutt and Bjorna Shkurti
Judy Verrall - Assistant to Tim Platnich and Bronwhyn Simmons
Yvette Yue - Assistant to Peter Wong
Marianne Yulo - Corporate Assistant