Express Entry - your pathway for economic immigration to Canada

Photo by  Charles Black

Photo by Charles Black

If you have skilled work experience, Express Entry might just be your way into Canada!

Express Entry is not a “program” or “class” under which you apply. Rather, it is a selection tool used by our government to select skilled individuals for permanent residence. The system allows Canada immigration to limit intake and control their inventory.

This begs the question of how the selection actually happens!

Well, it begins with creating a profile. Anyone interested in immigrating to Canada under this system must meet the requirements of one of our skilled immigration classes (Federal Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades, or hold a Provincial Nomination) and create a profile online.

The system assigns points to that individual based on a number of factors, including:

  • Age

  • Language Proficiency

  • Education

  • Skilled Work Experience (Canadian & Foreign)

  • Factors for spouses/partners, if applicable

  • Ties to Canada (eg. family, studies)

  • Arranged employment

  • A Provincial Nomination or Qualification Certificate

A total of 1200 points are available to be had. Every two to three weeks, IRCC issues rounds of invitation with a minimum score (and sometimes Class-specific restrictions). Those who meet the requirements for that round of invitation receive an ITA - “Invitation to Apply”. Once accepted, individuals have only 60 days to file their eAPR (electronic application for permanent residence) online. The eAPR process involves documenting and providing all of the information provided at the profile stage.

If all goes well, applicants are granted permanent residence within 6 months!

Want to know what your chances are of applying under Express Entry?