We are an Alberta based law firm. At Caron & Partners, we are all about solutions. Every client's needs are unique so we work closely with our clients to build an individualized strategy to meet those needs.  Whether it's incorporating a company, immigrating to Canada, buying a home, a litigation matter, or ensuring your rights in a divorce proceeding, Caron & Partners has the expertise to develop the most practical strategy to achieve a solution for you.

We are a mid-sized firm with offices in 5th Avenue Place in downtown Calgary.  Having a single location and a local perspective ensures that we are nimble enough to adapt for each client individually.  

We have selected 3 words to describe and define our mission: Strategic. Practical. Solutions. A strategy is a designed means to achieve a solution. We are solution-oriented, as our clients seek solutions.  Solutions that are not practical are hardly solutions. When you come to us, we ask you what you want to achieve. We then work with you to achieve the sought solution efficiently, practically and as cost-effectively as circumstances permit.