What Is Corporate Law?

Corporations are legal entities formed and governed under legislation.  Corporate law deals with the formation, governance, maintenance and dissolution of corporate entities. Corporations are made up of shareholders, directors and officers. Corporate law also deals with the relationships between the various entities that make up the corporation.

We have extensive experience and industry-specific knowledge which enables us to understand our clients’ needs and demands, and tailor our services to deliver cost-effective results.

We advise clients on all aspects of Corporate Law including:

  •  Incorporations and other new business startups such partnerships, limited partnerships, joint ventures, franchises, societies and not-for-profit companies
  • Contractual drafting, employment, confidentiality and unique agreements
  • Succession planning and corporate reorganizations, such as amalgamations, wind-ups, corporate estate freezes
  • Director liability issues
  •  Minute book maintenance
  • Trademark Registration
  • General corporate law

A related area of practice is commercial law. Commercial law generally deals with commercial transactions between entities including corporations.

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